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WE WILL NOT GO DOWN (Song for Gaza)

A blinding flash of white light Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight People running for cover Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive They came with their tanks and their planes With ravaging fiery flames And nothing remains Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze We will not go down In the night, without a fight You can burn up our…

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Hello world!

sehubungan dengan terjadinya kerusakan pada harddisk dan tidak adanya backup sama sekali maka blog ini akan dirintis dari awal lagi. demikian, harap maklum. due to the harddisk failure and there is no any backup at all, this blog will start over again from the beginning.

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Teori Kebutuhan

Nasrudin berbincang-bincang dengan hakim kota. Hakim kota, seperti umumnya cendekiawan masa itu, sering berpikir hanya dari satu sisi saja. Hakim memulai, “Seandainya saja, setiap orang mau mematuhi hukum dan etika…” Nasrudin menukas, “Bukan manusia yang harus mematuhi hukum, tetapi justru hukum lah yang harus disesuaikan dengan kemanusiaan.” Hakim mencoba bertaktik, “Tapi coba kita lihat cendekiawan seperti Anda. Kalau Anda memiliki pilihan: kekayaan atau kebijaksanaan,…

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Gaim is Pidgin Now!

Due to previous legal issues with AOL regarding naming conventions, Gaim version 2.0 remained frozen in beta stages. After a legal consensus was reached between AOL and the Pidgin developers, on Fri, May 4, 2007 – 07:04 pm the developer of Gaim announced Pidgin as a new name for Gaim. In addition to the new name, this release features extraordinary enhancements to features and…

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WordPress Theme: Aba3Simple 0.2

I have to release this update since the previous version is not rendering properly, errors and warnings in both sidebars. All those problem has been fixed in this update. Features: Modular (new!) Widget ready Fluid width Valid XHTML 1.1 No images Note: This theme was successfully tested only on WordPress 2.1.x using Mozilla Firefox, Epiphany and Opera in Linux environment. WordPress Sidebar Widgets plugins…

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